PCF Chair Mats


Made from Polycarbonate material (PCF). This is a proudly South African product made by the Ampa Plastics Group.

Our variety of PCF chair mat colours will help you keep your work space stylish and presentable, while protecting office carpets, factory and warehouse floors. 

About Ampa’s PCF Polycarbonate Chair-mats

Features and advantages 

  • PCF Plastic chair mats colours come in silver, bronze white and red
  • Dimension 1200mm x 900mm x 3mm (thickness)
  • Polycarbonate office carpet comes in a Modern Tapered Design
  • PCF office chair mats are suitable for conference venues, industrial and commercial property, great for your home office.
  • Colour disguises scuffing
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Our Polycarbonate chair mats protects carpets and floors from damage caused by office chair wheels

We have stock readily available to fulfil your order call us for a quote.

Polycarbonate plastic office mat

Polycarbonate plastic office mat

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