Banana Harvesting Rolls

AmpaFlex is one of the largest manufacturers of the Banana blue plastic. This plastic is manufactured under the strictest conditions due to the harsh elements it protects the farmers Banana harvest from.

It is manufactured from a blend of different Polymers and master batches to ensure the correct make up and UV protection

AmpaFlex’s latest product for the banana farmers industry has become a great success. They have developed pre-cut banana sleeves packed in a packet of 50. These sleeves are made out of 100% virgin material they are 25 to 30 % stronger than the previous 50/50 recycled to virgin mix.

The banana bags and sleeves carry a 12 month guarantee and are marked accordingly with the date of manufacture for ease of reference. This product has been extensively tested with our current customers, proving massive savings on wastage, labour costs and the wastage of cores. The bags are easier to transport and store. The banana bags
have a UV protection additive and the best part about it they are priced at a similar price to the previous recycled roll.

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