VCI Film / Bags

(Vapour Corrosion Inhibiter)

AmpaFlex VCI films provide effective corrosion protection to a wide range of metal types. It combines packaging and protection against corrosion. The VCI film protects the metal part through direct contact and vapour action. The anti-corrosion chemicals volatilize into the surrounding enclosed areas and the released vapour deposits on the metal forming a protective layer on the metal surface. 

AmpaFlex VCI films are clean & easy to use and suitable for both automatic and manual packing. Once unpacked the metals do not require additional cleaning or degreasing and are ready for immediate use. 

AmpaFlex only provides mono layer films but has a close relationship with the main plant that handles co extrusion.

AmpaFlex polyethylene and VCI master batch blend is the perfect mix to allow the VCI’s chemicals through vaporization to protect against the corrosive effects of moisture and salt.

The pros of using VCI to other protection methods of metal are there is no greasing and degreasing of metals thereby cutting costs on timely labour. It protects the entire product without leaving any parts vulnerable to the harsh elements.

The VCI vaporises to all recessed areas of the product. For some of our customers we also add in a UV stabiliser blended into the film if the products are left outside or transported long distance. The film has a shelf life of between 6 and 12 months if used correctly. Try pack clean and dry products only then seal the film well.

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