Key Features of AmpaDivide Layer Boards/Pads

  • Requires no further forming or machining – Supplied as a finished product.

  • Customised plastic sheets – AmpaDivide layer pads are customised according to the customers’ intended end use. Customize your order by sheet size, thickness, and colour.

  • Logos, load capacity or other identification markings can be printed on your AmpaDivide boards for control purposes.

  • Non-hygroscopic – Therefore absorbs less moisture than wood or paper-based dividers.

  • Resistance – Resistant to many chemicals, they can be washed for re-use and also be recycled.


About AmpaDivide

AMPADIVIDE is the brand name for our hard-wearing packaging boards also know as layer pads used primarily for high volumes to separate layers of goods (glass bottles, cans, etc) during packaging, storage and transportation.  

Types of layer boards/pads available: Solid board packaging or Correx/Coruplas (twinwall) corrugated board packaging.

AmpaDivide corrugated layer pads are manufactured from Polypropylene which in itself is a “food friendly” material, in addition it is light and rigid with good impact strength and chemical resistance – all of which are desirable properties in any packaging material especially in the food industry.

AmpaDivide boards are more hygienic and sterile when compared to wood or paper-base dividers due to the fact that they do not absorb or retain moisture which is the breeding ground for germs.

AmpaDivide boards are cost-effective, reusable and recyclable, making them an eco-friendly alternative to wood or paper-based dividers.

Layer boards/pads can be made to order with a minimum tonnage to be confirmed by our sales

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Benefits of AmpaDivide

Packaging plays a big part in preventing goods from getting damaged during transport, handling, and storage. Selecting the wrong packaging solution can mean the difference between saving or losing large amounts of money. AMPADIVIDE’s pallet layer pads are easy to maneuver on a pallets, seal any deal, preserving your products, saving you money and enhancing your customer experience.



Plastic layer pads are considerably more robust and resistant to damage than wood or paper-based dividers.

Long Life Span

Long Life Span

AmpaDivide packaging dividers have a much longer operational lifespan compared with wood or paper-based dividers.



Plastic layer boards are less likely to lose strength due to absorption of ambient moisture.



Ampadivide boards can be recycled.

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