Deep Embossed Release Films

AmpaFlex is one of a very few select plastic film manufacturers of deep embossed films in South Africa we can emboss the film to achieve four times the input film thickness, this is a sophisticated process that can only be compared with current international standards for Embossed Film.

Embossed film is mainly used in the rubber calendaring process where the melted rubber is wrapped in the embossed film protecting it from contamination and harsh elements, Once transported to the manufacturer they unroll the rubber off the film without any of the film sticking or melting to the rubber.
Other uses for the embossed film are to wrap and protect products to ensure non slip and or scratch IE: Powder coating steel, stainless steel , Aluminium.

In the attached picture is a sample of our Tetrathedron Pattern , this pattern is what we produce through our embossed machines in order to manufacture the deep Embossed films that are required for Tacky and Synthetic Rubber compounds where release is a critical component of the rubber manufacturer.

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