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PPH Plastic Sheets

Polypropylene is of the polyolefin family of plastics and is semi-crystalline in molecular structure.

Polypropylene solid sheets can be ordered from Ampa Plastics in two grades: As a homo-polymer (a general-purpose grade
that is stiffer and more rigid than a co-polymer) and as a co-polymer, which is further divided into three groups:

Random co-polymer is a tough grade with a low melt-flow index and good impact resistance

Block co-polymer has a lower melting point than random co-polymer but offers good impact resistance at
   lower temperatures

Impact-modified/resistant co-polymer has very good impact strength, even at low temperatures.

• It is also less stiff than other polypropylene grades.

Ampa Plastics produces co-polymer as stock. Other grades can be manufactured on request.

Extrusion of polypropylene plastic sheet

Extrusion of polypropylene plastic sheet

Polypropylene Plastic Sheet - Layer Boards

Polypropylene Plastic Sheet - Layer Boards

Key features of Polypropylene

Low Density

(0.9 to 0.91, slightly higher with additives or filters)

Strong Hard & Rigid

Has a good impact strength at temperatures from 10ºC to 130ºC

Excellent chemical resistance

Our Polypropylene plastic sheets are low cost and have excellent chemical resistance

Food Grade & Environmentally Friendly

Suitable for use with food, in that it is easy to recycle and, provided it contains no additives, it burns to produce only carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and low concentration of oxidation and other by-products such as formaldehyde.

Reasonably Easy Fabrication

the Polypropylene sheets is corrosion resistant , and reasonably easy to process, fabricate, especially welding

Easy To Vacuum Form & Process

Not that easy to vacuum form due to narrow heat operating window and fairly resistant to abrasion


Polypropylene plastic can be blended with additives to enhance specific properties (E.g. UV resistance and flame retardancy)

What products are made from polypropylene?

Polypropylene plastic translate into a board category of products such as cling-film, sandwich bags, squeezable bottles, and plastic grocery bags, made from LDPE. Polypropylene is occasionally recycled, is strong, and able to withstands high temperatures. It is used to make lunch boxes, margarine containers, yogurt pots, syrup bottles, prescription bottles to name a few.

Polypropylene plastic  - Bottle caps

Polypropylene plastic - Bottle caps

Applications of PPH Plastic Sheet

Polypropylene has been the polymer of choice for a wide range of consumer and industrial products because of its high stiffness, good tensile strength, ease of processing, and chemical inertness. Polypropylene plastic sheets are widely used in industrial sectors to produce acid and chemical tanks, sheets, pipes & Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP).

Lining of chemical tanks

Industrial applications

Lining of chemical tanks
Manufacture of mud flaps and stone guards on trucks


Manufacture of mud flaps and stone guards on trucks
Layer pads and divider boards

Industrial Packaging

Layer pads and divider boards
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