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Ampa Plastics Group was founded in 1973 and has gained a solid reputation for quality and reliability as a manufacturer of specialised plastics to various industries. We pride ourselves in service, innovation, and excellence. Ampa Plastic Group comprises of Ampa Plastics, Modek, Ampaflex and Coolseal. There is an Ampa Plastics product for almost every application and different products can be chosen or adapted to enhance desired characteristics such as chemical or impact resistance.


Specialists in plastic sheeting.


  • Absolute critical sense of urgency.
  • Deadlines are not negotiable.
  • First time right — every time.
  • We treat our staff like we expect them to treat our products and customers.
  • Accountability, responsibility, and pride in everything we do.
  • Process driven and quality committed.
  • Specialists in what we do.


To dominate as an innovative plastic group supplying a diverse range of products into multiple industries expanding our footprint into Africa by 2023.


Quality and reliability since 1973.


We send our regular updates on what is going on with Ampa and the industry. Please enjoy our chronicles below.

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Our Brand and Services

We provide a wide array of services in the plastic industry.

Ampa Plastics

Ampa Plastics is South Africa’s leading supplier of a wide range of thermoplastic materials and branded products that are used in a variety of different industries ranging from mining, farming and printing, to the automotive industries.

Modek Transparent Roof Sheeting

Modek’s Polycarbonate roof sheeting is perfect to allow light to filter into buildings can be used in mines, warehouses, industrial parks, hangars, stadiums, and shopping centres, as well as for awnings and carports.

Modek’s translucent roof sheeting products are UV protected on BOTH SIDES of the sheets. 

Ampa Flex

Specialising in the manufacturing of LDPE films and products to a market that is fast paced and competitive, our systems and procedures are flexible and geared to meet the requirements of a very demanding industry.

Cool Seal

CoolSeal SA offers the innovation in packaging: a box that is eco-friendly, affordable without compromising on quality or performance, that offers unique and state-of-the-art branding opportunities.

Ampa Plastics Group is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

 All plastics are made according to ISO standards and are available in a range of standard sizes, thickness

All plastics are made according to ISO standards and are available in a range of standard sizes, thickness & colours.


  • “Ampa must be so proud with their team player in that in a short time had manage to supply strips to us and also with the least rejection rate ever, One can see that it is due to team work and dedication to deliver a high quality product, in spec and on time.”


  • “What a pleasure to have you guys back in business again, the quality and service was sorely missed”

    Mnandi Signs

  • “Always Reliable and efficient service over many years with no problems… Great Ampa Team”

    Lotus Pak

  • “We have been doing business with Ampa for the past 25 Years, their service and quality is good”

    Vacuform 2000

  • “We developed a great partnership with Ampa/Modek over the years and we want to thank you for your dedication, Quality and on time Deliveries

    We appreciate your attention to detail and the Great Value you add toward Abnormal Roofing. We are looking forward to continue & build this partnership for years to come”

    Abnormal Roofing Solutions

  • “Ampa Plastic Group has provided my company the opportunity to participate in several projects with top clients.

    The organization and its people are extremely organized and communicate the needs of their clients in a way that allows us to present our solutions in a unique way. Their commitment to creating a win for all involved is something we appreciate as a customer.”

    Global Roofing solutions

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