Correx / Coruplas

Twin-wall Correx also known in the industry as Coruplas® which is made from polypropylene, is one of the most versatile plastic materials. It is an excellent durable substitute for traditional corrugated cardboard or paper products used for printing and packaging.


 Key features of Correx

Why are Correx/Coruplas boards highly desirable as an indoor/outdoor advertising material and for packaging?

Indoor and outdoor applications

Correx boards are water resistant and designed to be durable, making them a versatile alternative for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Print friendly material

Easy to handle and user friendly for screen and digital printing, creating colourful eye-catching images.

Can be fabricated

Excellent product to fabricate point-of-sale items.

Environmentally friendly

Correx boards are environmentally friendly as it’s a toxin-free material, making it preferable to the food and pharmaceutical industry and is recyclable.

Cost effective

Correx boards are a very versatile product, reusable and ideal for the packaging and storage solutions.

Enhance safety of contents

In packaging trays Correx provides rigid support which reduces risk of damaged goods during transit and handling. It does not absorb moisture, maintaining rigidity and protecting goods in the case of spillage.

Applications of Correx

  • Suitable material for screen and digital printing, used as safety, directional signs, and advertising boards for real estate and construction companies.
  • Can be used for brand communication signage, and advertising as point-of-sale display for exhibitions and brand activations.
  • To package steel: specifically for stainless steel coils, used to protect the steel during exporting, as reusable Eco-friendly packaging.
  • Used as Layer boards in packaging for food, beverages, and industrial markets, and can be used for storage and protection during transportation of goods.
  • Can be used as desk partitions for office or schools to reduce the risk of  spreading Covid.

Specifications of Correx/Coruplas boards

Our Correx is flexible enough to be die-cut, guillotined, shaped, coiled, stapled, creased, and ultrasonically welded to suit customer’s needs.

  • Standard Correx is available in white and black, industry size 2500mm x 1250mm, other sizes/colours on request.
  • Thicknesses available from 2mm (350gsm) to 8mm (2400gsm).
  • 2mm to 4mm square flute which allows for more material flexibility.
  • 5mm to 8mm round flute which is stronger and more rigid. 
  • Corona treated (to allow inks to adhere to the surface) – shelf life is 6 t0 8 months.
  • Correx is available in embossed rolls, solid discs, and doughnuts for packaging purposes, very popular in the steel and fabrication industry.

Correx Doughnuts

Correx plastic discs

Different Types, Colours & Sizes

Correx doughnut discs

Correx Solid Disc

Correx solid discs

Correx Embossed Rolls


Correx Jumbo's 2500x1250

White correx on pallets

Correx Cut Panels

Correx plastic order

Correx Boxes & Dividers


Correx in Different Colours

Correx square & round flutes

Square Flute Correx

Square flute correx

Doughtnut Correx Boards


White Correx Boards

White correx on cutter

Correx Flutes & Colours

Multicolour Correx plastic boards
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