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Manufacturing of Industrial plastic packaging film & bag

AMPAFLEX was founded on the ethos of being a fully fledged manufacturing business specialising in the manufacturing of LDPE films and products to a market that is fast paced and competitive, our systems and procedures are flexible and geared to meet the requirements of a very demanding industry.

LDPE is soft, low barrier, good clarity film. It is also the least expensive of all polymer packaging films. It is possible to alter basic properties of LDPE film by blending other polymers and/or additives to meet your specific application.

We offer the fastest lead time in the market at the most competitive price making our company a serious consideration in supplying your plastic packaging requirements.

Most of our product is supplied into the local South African market with a small percentage exported into Africa.

Direct hands on management, and interface with our customers ensures that our company is positioned to meet your specific packaging requirements from the smallest to the largest orders.

Why Choose Ampa Flex Products

All the products below can be supplied in sheeting, tubing or bag formation. Products can include print or clear, they can be manufactured out of virgin polymer or recycled polymer or a mix of the two. Products can be manufactured in a variety of colours ranging from clear through to black. For industry specific products, certain master batch additives will be used.
AmpaFlex can manufacture from 30 – 250 microns.

Sheeting & Tubing

AmpaFlex’s state of the art manufacturing centre is based in Wadeville. They have 7 blow film extruders which allows them to manufacture in excess of 200 tons of plastic film a month.

Deep Embossed Release Films

AmpaFlex is one of a very few select plastic film manufacturers of deep embossed films in South Africa we can emboss the film to achieve four times the input film thickness, this is a sophisticated process that can only be compared with current international standards for Embossed Film.

Banana Harvesting Rolls

AmpaFlex is one of the largest manufacturers of the Banana blue plastic. This plastic is manufactured under the strictest conditions due to the harsh elements it protects the farmers

HDPE (Polyethylene)

It is used extensively in automotive and industrial engineering applications, as well as industrial packaging due to its excellent performance properties. Ampa Plastics produces high-density polyethylene (PE-HD), which has a density of 0.963, as stock. Other grades (i.e. medium – low density) can be manufactured on request.

Shrink Film

Shrink film or shrink wrap is a material made up of polymer film. When heat is applied it shrinks tightly over whatever product it is covering. 

VCI Film / Bags

AmpaFlex VCI films provide effective corrosion protection to a wide range of metal types. It combines packaging and protection against corrosion. 

Anti Static Films

Materials such as paper, plastic and textile normally contain an equal number of positive and negative charges – that is, they are electrically balanced. 

Barrier Tape

Barrier tape is produced by AmpaFlex and is used for various demarcation purposes. This tape is brightly coloured tape, and often incorporates a two-tone pattern of alternating yellow-black or red-white stripes


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