Thermal Barrier

Trapped air is the key. Our patented manufacturing process allows us to seal every edge of every pack.

We have developed lightweight yet wide material that is weak without sealing. Seal the edge however, and the product is transformed, with more air trapped inside. This trapped air in both tray and lid acts like double glazing, restricting the flow of temperature very effectively. There is a significant wall of trapped air around a pallet of fish packed in CoolSeal boxes.

Thermal Barrier

Key features of CoolSeal

Versatile & Lightweight

Trays are versatile and lightweight

Durable & Strong

Material is durable and strong

Rigid Support | Easy Transported

Trays provide rigid support for easy in transit / transport

Reusable& Flat Pack

Reusable storage solution, Flat packed / dismantled – easy to handle

Protection & UV Resistant

Protection of fragile medical supplies (Vials/Ampoules/glass) & UV- ray resistant & Tamper proof

Chemical & Water Resistant 

Chemical resistant and Water resistant – Reduces contamination

Eco Friendly & Custom Shapes and Sizes.

Custom shapes and size to suit specific needs, Eco- friendly (reuse/recycle)

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