Understanding Technical Terms

Whether you are building a car port, veranda or patio, the Modek range of products is guaranteed to bring you satisfaction. With an option between Polycarbonate  in various colours and profiles- the Modek range of products has something for everyone. Choosing the right Modek product and installing it correctly is vital to the success of your car port, veranda or patio project. If you need a bit of help on how to construct your very own car port, veranda or patio, please follow the links below.

Cover Width

Cover width is defined as the measurement across the sheet using the middle of each of the outer crowns and taking the distance between these two points. This will vary in some instances depending on product choice. (see product specification table for details).


It is important to get correct cover width when calculating the amount of sheets required for any project.


Crown & Valley

The crown by description is the highest point of the roof-sheet profile. The valley or trough is the bottom or lowest area between crowns on the roof-sheet. Distances between crowns and heights between crowns and valleys will vary depending on the product choice. (see product specification table for details).

Purlin Spacing

Purlin spacing is the distance measured between purlins from centre to centre. This will vary in some instances depending on product choice. Please refer to all the profile Pre-Amble as per the website. 

Checkered Board & Continuous run installation

Checkered board installation means that every alternate sheet is a polycarbonate sheet.

Continuous run means that the polycarbonate sheet is not side lapped by any steel sheets.

Bonded washer

A Bonded washer consists of a Polyurethane sealer that prevents leaks. Also refer to profile Pre- Ambles.  

Trapezoidal & Sinusoidal

The above means that Trapezoidal profiles has a narrow flute and a broad flute side. It is also referred to as a boxed shape profile, such as IBR, NURIB, INDUSTRIAL 7, and NUDEK.

Sinusoidal is a non-boxed rib profile, such as CGI, and BIG 6. Sinusoidal does not have a broad or narrow flute.


Each polycarbonate profile requires a specific type of Fastener. Once again please refer to all profile Pre-Ambles for Fastener details.

The length of a Fastener is determined by the Crown height of the product profile.  

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