Sealed Edge Technology

Our patented technology is used to seal the edges to provide a strong, hygienic box that is virtually unbreakable, eliminating the problem of polystyrene bead contamination and blocked drains.


Key features of CoolSeal

Versatile & Lightweight

Trays are versatile and lightweight

Durable & Strong

Material is durable and strong

Rigid Support | Easy Transported

Trays provide rigid support for easy in transit / transport

Reusable& Flat Pack

Reusable storage solution, Flat packed / dismantled – easy to handle

Protection & UV Resistant

Protection of fragile medical supplies (Vials/Ampoules/glass) & UV- ray resistant & Tamper proof

Chemical & Water Resistant 

Chemical resistant and Water resistant – Reduces contamination

Eco Friendly & Custom Shapes and Sizes.

Custom shapes and size to suit specific needs, Eco- friendly (reuse/recycle)

The CoolSeal Packaging System eliminates waxed cardboard boxes that are virtually impossible to recycle and extremely heavy, as CoolSeal is lightweight and 100% recyclable. It also competes with solid and fibre board boxes, as it is less than half the weight and completely impervious to liquids.

The boxes are constructed from lightweight Polypropylene, a material chosen because of its recycling capabilities and the strong demand for the reprocessed material.

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