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Modek Direct is brought to you by Modek the longest standing local manufacture of Polycarbonate in South Africa.

Manufacturing three nominal plastic roof sheet profiles thickness between: 0.8mm, 1.00mm and 1.25mm. We only offer 0.8mm to our Modek Direct customers. A layer of UV protection PC is co-extruded on both sides of all MODEK polycarbonate roof sheets. MODEK roof sheets are available in various profiles and colours. Colours include clear, opal50, bronze, diffuser, heat-stop, green and blue.


All sheets have a UV coated layer to block out harmful UV rays



Modek Direct offers Polycarbonate roofing sheeting for the domestic market which we offer 2 profiles being IBR and CGI 10.5, thickness 0.8mm.

Modek Direct Polycarbonate Roof Sheets Features:

Modek polycarbonate sheets are high quality, and virtually indestructible translucent roof material.

All Modek polycarbonate sheets have a co-extruded layer of highly UV stabilised polymer on the surface to create a weather resistant surface.

Modek polycarbonate roof sheeting is used for heating, cooling, or lighting buildings and can be used for contractor construction projects, SMME businesses, Bakkie Brigade, DIY market for Patio covering, Venue skylights, Greenhouse roofing and cladding as well as for awnings and carports.             

High impact resistance is one reason why Modek directs PC roof sheets are a good choice for high risk areas, where hail, wind loads, or vandalism may cause damage.                              

Stock lengths available: Start at 2.4m   |   Colours: Opal50 (white), Bronze, Clear   |   Thickness: 0.8 mm 


Translucent IBR (0.8mm) roof sheet price per linear meter starting from R95.47


Translucent Corrugated 10.5 (0.8mm) roof sheet price per linear meter starting from R70.00


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