How to Transport 

Please tie your sheets down well when transporting on a rack or trailer. Ensure that the fronts of the sheets are well secured, as wind can lift the sheets and cause damage.

It is advisable to use lengths of timber (Your purlins) on top of the sheets when tying down for transportation.
This can also prevent sheets lifting and bending in the wind. It is common practice to roll sheets into tight bundles.
When loading and unloading be extra careful in windy conditions. A gust of wind can easily lift a sheet out of your hands or blow a sheet way, if left unsecured.
Edges of sheets are sharp and it is advisable to wear gloves to avoid possible cuts and grazes whilst handling sheets.
Avoid standing, or a walking on sheets; they are not designed to carry the weight of a person and will be damaged.
If you have long lengths (longer than 3,6m), support the sheets in the middle when carrying to avoid kinking.
If you need to store your sheets, pack them on pallets (off the ground), under cover, and avoid stacking higher than 700mm.
Polycarbonate sheets are not scratch resistant and extra care should be taken when handling.
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